It's Always a Great Day In Russells Point, Ohio!!

Serving the Village of Russells Point as Mayor is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, second only to the enjoyment of my family.  I am proud to represent the citizens and pride myself on being accessible by phone or email.  You can call me directly at (937) 843-2245 opt. 6 or email me at  Since the Mayor position is only part-time, requiring me to work elsewhere, there may be a short delay but rest assured, I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Residents who are interested in their local government can reach out to me for more information and are encouraged to attend our council meetings, which are the first and third Monday of each month.  

Working Together 


    Recyclable household containers, paper, and corrugated cardboard may be put into the designated containers at the Russells Point Recycling Center..  "Bad Trash," as I like to call it, can be collected by a refuse service of your choice, or by taking advantage of the Pay As You Go trash bags available at the center.  The Recycling Center is located as 943 S. Orchard Island Road, Russells Point, just south of the Post Office.  The following link can provide you with additional information through the Logan County Solid Waste District:

Each year the village receives a $CASH$ return based on the tonnage of recycling material collected at the recycling center.  Over the last few years the Village has averaged between $800-$1,000.  The money is then used to make improvements to our local parks system.  The more you recycle the more we can do for our parks!!


    Like many other municipalities across the state, we have begun to suffer the effects of an aging storm sewer system.  Collapsed and clogged tile frequently cause problems when stressed by sudden heavy rains and even persistent multi-day events. The village has begun to address this growing concern beginning with the exploration of various alternatives geared towards mitigating known issues and increasing the capacity of drainage.  These actions have a direct impact on how quickly water can be removed from the area and distributed to the proper destination.  Did you know the standing water issue can contribute to various insect control issues such as mosquitos?  Nevertheless,  the replacement and repair of our existing storm water infrastructure  will cost upwards of $4,000,000 (4 Million).  We are actively searching for grants and other low or no interest loan opportunities to fund future improvements.

Residents can help by keeping an eye on the storm sewer systems in your neighborhoods.  Specifically, if you have a catch basin or drains near your home, help us keep them clean and clear of debris such as grass clippings, leaves, trash, and all other obstructions.  Grass clippings are one of the largest issues, but are the easiest to address.  Mow towards your own yard and away from the roadway.  This not only improves the health of your lawn but also keeps the roadways safe and the drains clean.


  During the summer of 2019 the Village will spend over $277,000 of Ohio Public Works Commission Funding in addition to Half Percent Sales Tax Funding to improve nearly 78% of the paved surfaces in Russells Point.  The improvements ranged from crack sealing and rejuvenator to complete resurfacing.  This was the largest road improvement project residents of seen in many years.  


    We are fortunate to live in a  community where a majority of our residents prefer to enjoy a well manicured lawn.  But what do we do with our piles of sticks, grass clippings, leaves, and other organic yard waste?  After all, open burning is prohibited by law and taking debris to the landfill cost money.  Your local government recognized this concern and created a solution.  A dumpster has been purchased and has been specifically designated as an organic yard waste collection site.  This NO CHARGE option is available to residents of Russells Point who provide proof of residency upon arrival.  COLLECTION DATES ARE ANNOUNCED WELL IN ADVANCE AND ARE NOTED ON YOUR WATER BILL.

I and the rest of us here at the Village of Russells Point look forward to the future and to Working Together to make Indian Lake Ohio, Village of Russells Point the Best Place to Live!!

Mayor's Corner

Village of Russells Point