Who is required to file a Russells Point tax return?

All residents of the village 18 years of age or older who had reportable income are required to file an income tax return, even if all tax owed was withheld by your employer.

All non-residents are required to file if they engaged in any business activity within the village and had no tax withheld from their earnings, or if they have rental property located in the village.

Each business located or performing services within the village is require to file regardless of the amount of income or loss.

How do I know whether I live and/or work in the Village of Russells Point?

Do not rely on your mailing address to determine the answer, not all Russells Point addresses are within the Village of Russells Point corporation limit.  The income tax only effects those residents and businesses located within the incorporated limits. If you are unsure, contact the VRP Fiscal Officer.

If I work outside of VRP and my employer withholds income tax for the city where I work, do I still have to pay tax to VRP?

Yes, you are required to pay residence tax on income taxed by another city.  There is no credit given to taxes paid to another municipality.

‚ÄčIf I am a resident and work within the village limits do I still have to fill a tax form?

Yes, even if your employer withholds and remits all taxes, the village has a mandatory filing requirement for residents over 18 years old.

If I am retired do I have to file a tax return?

Retirees are only required to file and pay tax if they have earned income of any amount (such as wages for employment, lottery/gambling winnings, rental income/loss, or if they engage in any business activity).  Retirees are not taxed on pensions or Social Security.

I paid my taxes in full when I filed my return and then received a bill from CCA for penalty and interest charges.  Why did I get this bill?

There could be many reasons why you received this bill.  If you are unsure of why you would have received this, or if you feel there has been an error, please contact CCA.  One of the most common reasons is that your employer did not withhold and remit income tax for the Village.  If you are a resident of the Village of Russells Point, and your employer does not withhold Russells Point tax, you are required to estimate and pay your taxes quarterly.  Failure to pay quarterly will result in penalties and interest.

I owe taxes and am unable to pay.  Should I still file my return?

Yes, you should still file your return by the due date and if possible send a partial payment.  CCA will send a bill for the any balance owed along with late payment penalty and interest charges.  You may contact CCA or the Village to make arrangements for payment of the billed charges.

When do my taxes have to be paid?

At least 90% of your current year tax liability must be paid by January 31st to avoid penalty and interest.

When is the annual village tax return due?

The filing deadline is the same as your Federal and State returns, usually April 15th.  Once a year, usually in March, CCA offers free services to help residents prepare their annual local income tax return.  This is done at the Village of Russells Point Municipal Building and is done on a first come, first serve basis.

What if I cannot get my annual tax return completed by the due date?

A Federal extension also acts as an extension of time to file your village income tax return.  When you do file your return be sure to attach a copy of your Federal extension to avoid a penalty for late filing.  Remember, an extension of time to file does NOT extend the time to pay your tax.

Income Tax Frequently Asked Questions

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