Central Collection Agency (CCA)

205 W. Saint Clair Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44113

Phone: (216) 664-2070 • (800) 223-6317

Fax: (216)420-8299

Website: www.ccatax.ci.cleveland.oh.us

Village of Russells Point

   In 2004 the Village of Russells Point passed an Ordinance enacting a 1% Municipal Income Tax in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 718.  

   In 2015, to remain in compliance with the new guidelines required by the State of Ohio, the Village updated their income tax ordinance.  Due to periodic changes mandated by the State of Ohio, our income tax ordinance is amended periodically.

Click the link below to see the most current tax ordinance 


The municipal income tax is administered by Central Collection Agency (CCA) in Cleveland, Ohio.  In addition, the Village of Russells Point Fiscal Officer serves as a liaison between residents and CCA to assist in various tax issues.

All required income tax forms can be found on CCA's website.

DO NOT send any income tax returns or payments directly to the Village of Russells Point.  These will be returned to you and may cause penalty and interest for late filing & payment. These must be sent to, and checks made payable to CCA for proper credit to your account.

Municipal Income Tax


Village of Russells Point Taxpayer Assistance Program

The Russells Point taxpayer assistance program will not be held in person this year due to COVID-19.  If you require assistance with the preparation of your annual Russells Point income tax return please do the following:

  • Download and complete this form TAX PREP
  • Attach copies of the required documents as outlined on the form.
  • Mail your packet to one of the addresses on the bottom of the TAX PREP form.