In December 2022, the Land Bank was awarded a building demolition and site revitalization grant from the State of Ohio. With this grant, the Land Bank (or LCLRC) demolished 34 properties across the county.

The State of Ohio Budget for fiscal years 2024 and 2025 has again set aside funds for this program. The Land Bank is gathering properties for potential demolition. There is no guarantee that the buildings submitted will be demolished.

To qualify for this program property must be abandoned, vacant, and blighted. If a property has been condemned, this property can qualify for the program, but it is not required.

Information Required
If your jurisdiction has a property, you believe may qualify, the LCLRC will need the following information by September 1, 2023. All this information is required at submittal (please submit as a complete file), otherwise, the property will be considered incomplete and will not be considered.
• Project description
• Scope of work needed
• Anticipated end use
• Photos of the Site, including a picture providing proof of the address
• Verification from the City, Village, or Township verifying the structure is blighted, vacant, and abandoned
• Signed Voluntary Demolition of Property form
• If a property has already been condemned, documentation confirming
• Cost Estimate
• Jurisdiction contact person and contact information

Eligible Property Guidelines
Commercial and residential buildings on sites that are not brownfields are eligible. Commercial properties can include retail, office, manufacturing, industrial, industrial warehousing, institutional, or other non-residential or mixed-use purposes. Non-vacant and blighted structures are not eligible unless they are contiguous and/or connected to vacant and blighted structures that are necessary to demolish (for example, a free-standing barn or garage).

Please submit the Voluntary Demolition Form and submit to the Village of Russells Point prior to August 31, 2023.

Land Bank Demolition